Friday, 28 August 2009

On getting gay married

Just got married. Well few days ago. I actually have hard time to realize that i actually did get married. I would have never thought that it would have been possible few years ago. I am now the proud husband of my husband..which still seems funny to my ears... i do own a hubby.

I have been overwhelmed by the reaction in Iceland. 2 guys getting married in a church is very hype in Iceland... not that much in other places around the world.

Some people have had weird reactions..."The angry mob of the day" Strangely the worst reaction came from my fellow gay camarades...How comes? They could have been happy for me, they could have been happy for the "political" symbols that represent a gay marriage, but no..Apparently i do live in the world of CareBear..Well that´s not that bad for me... i do love bear :-) i don´t understand it...Well i don´t want to understand it.. I mean i have other stuff to do... like a maried man stuff... no, not have an affair with the gardener well....we (you see how i use well "we"?) don´t have one... i do my own gardening ... it minimizes the risks:-)

Luckly for me, i did not get gay married for the political symbol. (i did it for the money that The Husband does not have yet :-)

The funny stuff is that when you get gay married... people do not expect you to pop up children within a year...they expect you to bake and to entertain...Fine by me..Though... it starts to look like that people are a bit coming to the zoo.. don´t know why...feel that at some point, people are going to throw us peanuts and ask for a trick..

Now that i am married, I kind of like playing the good husband... baking and cleaning... ok just baking.. The Husband is cleaning...We have a deal, a sort of prenup: I do the dirtying, The Husband does the cleaning...and everyone is happy...The Husband is not good at dirtying stuff...I take a lot of practice and cakes to completely ruin a kitchen. If you need help, just ask me.

That´s it for today. That´s it for this first post of this blog.