Thursday, 31 January 2008

The marxist inside me

Apparently... i have a marxiste inside me...
i didn´t know about it.
Some people have an hero inside them.
Me i inherited of a commie.
God damned !
(should start to stop that kind of comment... no really "communish")
How did i found out about it?
At school, when receiving comment about the first article of my PhD.
I don t know what do to now.
I am trying to understand.
How did this happen?
Is it genetical?
Do i have spend too much time with marxist people?
What should i do?
Should i start to wear red clothes?
Learn the international communist song?
Create a Union... of PhD students in Geography?
Start to fight capitalism ?
Renounce to any sense of fashion ?
Give up Ikea furnitures for socialist ones?
I am a bit lost.
With all respect i have for those who are marxist...
I don t want to be one of them.
How do i get rid of it?
This is not like some kind of tumor that i could have removed or these fews kilos that i could lose if i was serious about going to the gym.
Maybe i should start an analyis?
I am a bit worried about it.
Just a bit... i could have been point out as a Sarkozyst because this will be a real problem.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Lie lies in the belief


In my younger days, (I am almost 25, yes i can say this), i was a great fan of the calendar "Les Dieux du Stade".(Gods of the Stadium) Indeed, I spent hours watching time goes by... and waited days to reach the end of the month, in order to discover another God of the Stadium. For those who don´t know it...or don´t remenber it (Gods forgive you) here is a small "florilège" of what they are doing.

So there is here a certain style....the male flesh exposed...the exquisite tensed muscles...the tentation of the skins...All what you need to be a good sinner. As i was.... As i am ..Anyway.. this is not all time about me.

Many people say that our actual century is going to be the one seeing the return of the Religious...One of those people is for example the actual french president, Nicolas Sarkozy, the man that has been married two times and on its way to his third wedding with a french starlette /ex model / potential trophet wife / first lady....He might be really believe in the sacred part of the marriage thing. Anyway... He is one of them... believing in the return of the religious... he is even thinking about reconsidering the whole laicity thing in France. I personnaly think that he is wrong but.. that only engage me...I only see this little.. religious wave... as something fashion... and somehow as the last good kick before death.. just like when your hamster was getting better after having behaved strange for fews days... Just before he dies..... or go lives in a farm so far away that you couldn t visit him....The last kick before death


Church and especially the catholic one is really believe in its come back.Like Samantha Fox did once.....Actively working on getting people back on their knees praying for an eventual divine salvation...

Wait a minute.. what are the link between this and the beguining of this post....

As i have mentionned... Church is working hard on the subject... and the church is not clueless..The Church knows that the world of 2008 is not the one of 1000....We have had fashion magasin since then ! and science of course ......

So in this beguining of year 2008, the church more or less release a calendar..."similar" to the one of the rugbymen... Reader.. if you ever exist don t expect to see noons getting naked and pseudo lesbianism.... Reader... if you exist...remember that the Church cherish the male body...Look at the Exposure of the flesh jesus on the cross...The naked truth somehow...

Anyway.. here is an example of what some photographer did them for this year 2008..

Ok we don´t have provacative flesh... but still they have some nice face... those priests. They are certainly not rugbumen, but still they are ..... enjoyable...If i was single.. and in Italia... i will probably be right now making nice sins.. and would run to the church to confess them...I would probably become a very good believer.. I would even probably save my soul... or what´s left of it! Should try ?

Thursday, 3 January 2008

If Food is the new Sex. Then i am a pervert

If food is the new sex. ( according to numerous food critic and the biblical Good people of Vogue) Then i am a food pervert. Really.

Very bad beginning of the year....
By the end of 2007 i was making huge plan for 2008.
This was suppose to be The / My year.
I am going to turn 25... 1/4 of a century...Thus it was suppose to be my year. My main goal was to have a six pack stomach for my birthday.. the 17th of may.....Regarding my feeding history of yesterday and today i am getting more and more far away of my goal. If i continue like this... i am certainly not gonna have six pack for my birthday but 6 clearly delimited bulges on my belly. Layering fat. This is what i am doing now. Layering fat.
Few days ago. I remember. I was making great plan. My personal New Deal, my Marshall plan against fat, carbs and sugar.....So far i am copycatting the latest Iraq war. It´s a disaster. But I had decided to be very strong and to star a normal diet that does not involve Coke, or candy or pizza or veggie burger (note: the term veggies does not mean healthy... a oiled fried steak of zucchini lose its virtues once fried... wonder why?)... What did i eat on the 1st in the evening: Pizzas and had some candies. What did i had on the 2nd in the evening when i was coming out of the gym where i have more chatted than sweat: Veggie Burgers....2 of them with french fries and snacks and candy and KitKat....and it does not stop there....What did i eat today....Greasy Chinese foot and there is the wreck of a KitKat package.. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen...
I do not have any will. I am eating like a pig...Stuffing myself like a turkey cursed by the Xmas spirit. What am i gonna do? i do not know... But what i know is that there is still some toblerone left....
2008 is definitively against me.

Virgile / Whale