Thursday, 31 January 2008

The marxist inside me

Apparently... i have a marxiste inside me...
i didn´t know about it.
Some people have an hero inside them.
Me i inherited of a commie.
God damned !
(should start to stop that kind of comment... no really "communish")
How did i found out about it?
At school, when receiving comment about the first article of my PhD.
I don t know what do to now.
I am trying to understand.
How did this happen?
Is it genetical?
Do i have spend too much time with marxist people?
What should i do?
Should i start to wear red clothes?
Learn the international communist song?
Create a Union... of PhD students in Geography?
Start to fight capitalism ?
Renounce to any sense of fashion ?
Give up Ikea furnitures for socialist ones?
I am a bit lost.
With all respect i have for those who are marxist...
I don t want to be one of them.
How do i get rid of it?
This is not like some kind of tumor that i could have removed or these fews kilos that i could lose if i was serious about going to the gym.
Maybe i should start an analyis?
I am a bit worried about it.
Just a bit... i could have been point out as a Sarkozyst because this will be a real problem.

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