Thursday, 3 January 2008

If Food is the new Sex. Then i am a pervert

If food is the new sex. ( according to numerous food critic and the biblical Good people of Vogue) Then i am a food pervert. Really.

Very bad beginning of the year....
By the end of 2007 i was making huge plan for 2008.
This was suppose to be The / My year.
I am going to turn 25... 1/4 of a century...Thus it was suppose to be my year. My main goal was to have a six pack stomach for my birthday.. the 17th of may.....Regarding my feeding history of yesterday and today i am getting more and more far away of my goal. If i continue like this... i am certainly not gonna have six pack for my birthday but 6 clearly delimited bulges on my belly. Layering fat. This is what i am doing now. Layering fat.
Few days ago. I remember. I was making great plan. My personal New Deal, my Marshall plan against fat, carbs and sugar.....So far i am copycatting the latest Iraq war. It´s a disaster. But I had decided to be very strong and to star a normal diet that does not involve Coke, or candy or pizza or veggie burger (note: the term veggies does not mean healthy... a oiled fried steak of zucchini lose its virtues once fried... wonder why?)... What did i eat on the 1st in the evening: Pizzas and had some candies. What did i had on the 2nd in the evening when i was coming out of the gym where i have more chatted than sweat: Veggie Burgers....2 of them with french fries and snacks and candy and KitKat....and it does not stop there....What did i eat today....Greasy Chinese foot and there is the wreck of a KitKat package.. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen...
I do not have any will. I am eating like a pig...Stuffing myself like a turkey cursed by the Xmas spirit. What am i gonna do? i do not know... But what i know is that there is still some toblerone left....
2008 is definitively against me.

Virgile / Whale

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