Thursday, 6 March 2008

Yet another group of naked men

This is the calendar you would die for !!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen.. After.. the French Rugbymen, French farmers, French firemen, (it´s me focusing or there is a lot of naked french men ?), Italian priest...Please open your eyes for the...

Naked Morticians
No no.. you are not dreaming... these men are American mortician... They are people who make dead look pretty and they decided to go full Monty too !!! why not... why they shouldn´t ? Mortician can also be hot.. don´t they ? Thus they decided to make a calendar where they show their very alive flesh all through the year.

Look at then proudly posing next to their last job. On the picture they are actually burring the year 2007.

I am wandering what is the point about mortician getting naked for the yearly cause ?
Here few more pictures !!!

Every month you have a picture of quite naked mortician and under it a small bio of the model dressed with a suit or the nicely helping out.. here serving come catering pastry introducing Mister February...

Now introducing Mister January.... doing some office work...

Mister December... on the edge of cooking for you...
Look as the far too suggestive carrots...

Here a small sample of the whole year...

And here some extra pictures...

Washing their cars...

Waiting for you

Fixing a wheel... for you... (focus on the tie...)

Aren´t they hot ? Don´t they have killing stomach ? Aren´t you turned on ? Don´t you wanna kill for them ? I mean they could be the mortician that´s taking care of the funeral of one of your relative. Grrrrrrrrrrr

I can understand mortician... i mean they are not on the hot job list... there is fantasies about hunky plumber coming to fix your pipes.... greasy car garage worker rubbing your mechanic... sweaty sportsmen stretching you, policemen checking your virtue or firemen turning off your burning loins, there is even sinful priest asking you to beg on your knees for forgiveness

Morticians are not on the list... no one dream secretly of a horny mortician tearing clothes off and touching you inappropriately. Nope... it never occurred to wait ... i am lying... it happened... when i was watching Six Feet Under... but it was more focus on Mikael C. Hall than on the job of mortician in itself...

I am myself not on the list.... i mean.. no one dreams of hunky geographer... exploring new world and mapping delicate parties....Here is an Idea.. i am gonna suggest the people working with me at school to make a calendar... Geographer men... naked...this teacher almost coloring a map, this other one handling globe genuinely hiding this parties... grrrrrrr We are gonna be so hot... i already see ourself sold out and woman crying to get the calendar... That gonna be a collector on eBay...I want to do this... i want to be on the hot list too. I want people have sexual fantasies about is a little possible scenario

"knock knock... who is it ?"
"it is the geographer"
"ohhhh no.. i am geographically misplaced and my spaces are a mess"
"don´t worry baby i am gonna work on your longitude and lattitudes"


I am still wandering about the point of such calendar... i mean do they have a vocation to help people grieving their lost loved one ? I really see the scene... the widow crying over the embalmed body of her passed away husband and thinking at the same of the hunky mortician that made him look so good, and how she would love to be in contact with the hard and muscled fleshed mortician. I think this might be this.. this is for the good cause.. reduce the grieving pain.. probably reduce also the medicine consumption during this grieving pain.

Let think about what can be the other consequences of such calendar... desperate people... old woman that unfortunately no one has touch for a long time...spinster... long term single depressed people...Seeing such calendar could give them bad ideas...They would die for.... Thinking about the idea of a muscled and hunky mortician taking care of their poor body after death.... This could raise the suicide rate among long term lonely ones.

To conclude...I invite you to go visit their website and have a look to their myspace and listen out loud the music on it...It´s raining men...they should have made a special new´s digging men... much more appropriate.

While you do this.... i am gonna make my calendar of hunky geographer exhibiting themselves with they wild globes...


Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Yet another carb relapse !!!

Some people fight poverty, fight for the environment, fight for human rights, for women´s right, for peace...fighting for a juste cause is quite often a very personal experience. People fighting for women´s right are usually feminist, poverty by ex poor people...hunger by starving people... no wait that does not work... i haven´t seen Kate Moss distributing rice in Africa...No wait... i got it now... this is like sympathetic pain....but for starving... This is sympathetic starving She is not eating til all kid in Africa get food ! How kind...


I personally fight carbs.... i know... this is might be a selfish fight but Well Hell !!! I have to pick my fight... i am not a woman.... i am not poor...and ALLO ... obviously not starving...So i fight Carbs...Yet once again another lost cause you could... Well Hell ... you are right !!! i have been relapsing again ...and again ... and again ...Hell is paved of carbs !!! not good intention... CARBS !!! They have been lying to us all time long... the people making that kind of stupide expression !!! Hell is paved of carbs... remember it people !!!

Once again i have relapsed... Once again.. a subway... a pizza... a McDonald...chocolate...Name it .. i have eaten it...

I don´t have any self control... i can´t resit.. i am weak.... I can´t even join my local CarbH(e)ater anonymous group... i am far to known for this... there is nothing anonymous left about my carb addiction ! Nothing... i should get my star in the walk of Famous Carbs Eater... among Roseanne...Queen Latifa...John Goodman and Jjacky Sardou. I am a famous Carb Eater and i can´t help it... this is not uncomon that people welcome me with a nachos pack... and as a very polite i accept it. You are not turn down nachos when there are politely offered !!! you just do not do this.

Anyway i have decided to take an historical stand.... i am going to turn my back to Carb and leave them behind....Poor Carbs i know.. But they will not get me back.. not this time... not time time... In the past... i already turned my back to carbs... i already gave them up... but they got me back. God damned... i try to escape... i fought back...But the got me back.. again and again...

I have tried very hard...on the beguning of january this year .. i took a really strong decision...Historical decision...winning my fight against Carb... and being hot and gorgeous for my 25th birthday... with sharp abs, breath taking ass, hot thighs and killing chest !!! God Damned i am gonna be hot...Anyway i had a good start and... february came .. and Carbs got me back.... i went back all way down... missed the gym... missed waterpolo trainning...went in the same day to subway...and McDonald and got a big fish burger with big french fries and milkshake... All the way down all the way down....


Today i have decided that i will fight back... i am not gonna give up my superficial birthday dream... i am gonna win this fight against carb.... it might be tears and stomach pain but i will kick away carbs and look good... no more chubby Virgile welcome the carb free one !!! Today i went to the gym this morning ....had a healthy lunch (that was an easy one.. i mean... this is healthy as soon as i don´t eat my daily mayonese shrimp sandwich).... and didn´t snack..and had salad for dinner and went to waterpolo....I already feel my gorgeousness bursting under my carb layers.....

Well Hell

I am gonna be a sympathetic starver !!!

This could be me in may !!!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Yet Another... broken thing

I am cursed... it might be link with some Karma stuff... i am unlucky...extremely unlucky...With me expect the unexpected...If something unexpected has to happen.. it has to happen to me...I am all time the one arriving at the wrong moment...winning the most improbable stuff...breaking the unbreakable stuff...there is all time something happening to me... something that shouldn´t... i could pretty much say that my whole life has been succesif unfortunate /fortunate incident...I am even starting to think that i am an accident...should defenitively make some research on my conception..anyway...i have millions of example of stuff that happened to me... Like a lost lamb appearing on the middle of the road, a broken chair that collapse when i am sitting on it on a meeting...splitting a glass of water on my face when teaching classes, all time end ing up with sand in my bed (ask Mister G about it) no reason why this is just following me, breaking a shoe laces when hurring and already late for a meeting.

I am unbielivable. Really. If Something "Funny" should happen.. it will happen to me...It has to happen to me...One of the most comon sentence of Mister G concerning me these little situation i am too often ending in, is " Why am i not surprise?". Yes there is no surprise that if you invite me to you place... i will break something or something clearly embarassing will happen to me...

I have learnt to deal with it. I have learnt to deal with shame and unexpectation. really i have to say i even get used to it. I mean when it´s happening to you everyday.. you know how to deal with it seriously. I am even starting to thing to make a buisness out of it. Open some kind of HotLine. SoS unexpected detress...something like this...People could call and get advice from professional about their unexpected event / shouldn´t broke situation... i could overcharged the call and get rich... and no more i am leaving on the credit card of monsieur my boyfriend... :-)

Here is a small example...that i categorize in the box...yet another broken thing...

I went skiing on Saturday. In Bláfjall, the skiing area close to Reykjavik. This was a lot of fun and the unexpected happened as usual. I was going skiing for the first time in 11 years... i what expecting a broken bone or two... i took pain killer as a preventive mesure...I broke something... but nothing that a pain killer could cover.

I broke... a ski shoe !!! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen A ski shoe. The stuff that u never break. I broke it in a very special way...It was like it just... desintegrated around my feet. it fell of in pieces. Just like this... yet once again .. around my feet...

When i put the ski shoe, nicely lended by the man sharing my bed / sandy sleeping area, i broke it. Yes i broke a ski shoe....No wait the ski shoe broke around my foot... when i have done a step with it...One step... and hop in pieces...what are the odd ? To break a ski shoe. Here is a picture of it.

Look at the piece ? it´s like a puzzle !!! i could keep busy a group of old german tourist for a day with it !!!

Here is me with the front piece of the shoe... I am still wandering how i did this...I have few theories like... an elf sew the shoe when i was asleep or i my feet are so fat that soon only flip flap will be available to them.

So one more thing to add to my list of broken stuff... a ski shoe. That was a first. Never done this before...

Wait...there is more .... Unexpected broken things never happend alone...It was not the only stuff that i broke this day.... i also broke a...

A ski stick... Yes... in the same day ... a ski shoe and a ski stick !! What are the odd ? Really ? I also stopped the lifting chairs while breaking the ski stick. An unexpected broken stuff never happened alone.... So.... results of the journey.... a ski shoe broken... a ski stick broken... and the humiliation to have shown that i was not able to go on the lift chairs... I would say on the Virgile scale we reach a 9 on 10... this is thus a pretty good day !!!

Sjáumst... i am gonna break something !!!


Friday, 29 February 2008

Yet another angry Add-on

I have to make a small post about my previous. People have been point out that i am being nasty and mean toward Friðrik Ómar and Nicolas Sarkozy. This is true and the people pointing this out are right. I acknowledged the fact, that the previous post might be hrash. This is also true.

What you have to have in mind when you read it, is that i am trying to make fun of the situation. It´s satyric, it´s a bad joke. The ones knowing me in really life know how bad are my joke. They also know that i am grumpy person version pro 2.0. Take this post a joke and something that i could make fun off. My intention is not to be offensive. If it seems like this. I apologize. My intention were to be bitter/funny/grumpy. The same things applies for several post on this blog.

Concerning Friðrik i personally do think this is sad for him to put so much hope in Eurovision. He is becoming a typical Eurovision product. I also think that he is also starting to be too gay. Then this is my point of view on this specific point. Friðrik if you read this don´t become like the others...Outside of this i acknowledge the fact that he is a good singer and performer and i wish him and Regina all my best for Eurovision. Believe me i will the first one inf Front of my TV on the 24th of May.

Concerning Nicolas Sarkozy, well i wish i had nice stuff to say about him, but i really can´t find anything.


Sunday, 24 February 2008

Yet Another Comparative Study

If you read this you are gonna think that i am a very grumpy man. I am a grumpy man.

I acknowledge it. This is not my fault. This just happens. If you ever know me in the real life, you probably know it. If you don´t me...well... you have to believe me... i am not all time grumpy, i am neither all time that bitter nor spending my time spreading venin all around me, all over the world.

I have once again found material to make a comparative study. Again one comparison between Iceland and France. I am not being bitter or grumpy. This is just ... happening... jumping in front of my eyes. There is actually a lot of material between France and Iceland.

I have just found a lot of similarities between Nicolas Sarkozy, actual French President, unfortunately and Friðrik Ómar official competitor for Iceland in the Eurovision Contest 2008, see first common point...They are both unfortunate !!!

This is Friðrik Ómar:
and this is Nicolas Sarkozy

Let´s make a quick resumé of their activities and see what link them to each other.

They are both very small... a short person some people would say...they are funny sized :-) as you can see with this picture of Sarkozy...

Thus, they both wear shoes with heals...

They have both been elected in a democratic way for their function. Nicolas by the good people of France, Friðrik Ómar by the good people of Iceland but in 6 months no one will acknowledge anymore in Society that they have voted for do French people for Nicolas.

They are both accompanied by questionable singer. Friðrik has his fag hag Regina Ósk ( i personally call her Regina Óst but that will be mean to the dairy industry) , Nicolas has his new wife Carla Bruni (Carla Brownie see previous post).

They are both gonna be horrific in Europe. Friðrik, by representing Iceland. Sarkozy because France is becoming boss of Europe for 6 months from June 1st.

They are both arrogant. See for Friðrik the interview he gave to Kastljós after he won and look at Sarkozy in his everyday life.

Being close to a microphone make them look like frightening

They have a great talent to play the victim... Sarkozy in his everyday life as persecuted, humiliated, soiled. Fríðik as the gay victim.

They both really like men Friðrik more than Sarkozy, i have to say.

Letting them be close to a microphone, make our ears bleed instantly.

They both love to wear big fancy glasses.

Anyway... i am finding more and more link between France and Iceland. Unfortunately i would say.. unfortunately for Iceland :-)

Friday, 8 February 2008

Comparative Study of First Ladies

I am a scientist... pretending to be one at least. I feel i haven t been fair toward my new first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. I shouldn´t be bad to her. She is the first lady of my birth country. I should be respectfull...I should be a good citizen and respect the wife of the president of my birth country...Oh What the hell...She doesn´t have any real position. She is not even an official role by the law or the constitution and i am french and its means that i am nasty and grumpy by the genes.


In this post, i have decided to make a comparative study between the first lady of France and the one of the great country of Iceland, my adoptive country. There is matiere for this. A lot of similaritudes.

In fact the actual president of Iceland, is in his second mariage. He first wife sadly passed away few in 1998 and he got maried 2 years later with Dorrit Moussaieff, an Israeli woman based in London. So we have 2 president in activity. Taking new wives. Let´s compare them.Carla Sarkozy and her husband the President

Dorrit Moussaief and her husband the President

Both of the wives are from a foreign country. Israel/UK for Dorrit and Italia for Carla. I guess both Nicolas and Ólafur are aware of and apply the famous saying: Don´t dip your pen in the ink of the office /Don´t eat where you shit....In other words don´t date.. don´t marry ... don´t do someone on your workplace or from your workplace. So for a president...take someone from abroad. Thus they are both wise men.

Both of the PRSW (President´s wive), have link with judaism. Dorrit is jewish. Carla is not but recently she clamed that the news paper in France, who were not very nice with her and her new husband were collaborationist news paper, as the one of the WWII, who were denunciating the jew. Carla position herself as a victim like during the second world war.

Both of the PRSW, have husband with 3 voyelles. Nicolas and Ólafur. Carla even did a song about it... no wait a minute...She did a song about her ex-husband Raphael, with whom she has had a child, ex-husband with whom she started to date when she was dating his father. Anyway...Carla wrote a song about her ex-husband Raphael. Carla is told to be a good song writter. Her talent slidly dropped when she started to date Nicolas. She is right know finishing her next album (two were not enought...Carla decided to make bleed our ears one more time). Some information leeked from her next album and apparently there is a song named " t´es ma cam" "you are my dop" in english. This song is told to be dedicated to Nicolas, her husband. Dorrit didn´t write a song. Is not know to have released album, but she could be known for her good word and has shown by the past that she knew how to use a verb and a noun as for example when she gave an interview to RUV, after the little Israel incident. Talking about Israel and Middle east here is another common trait between the two PRSW.

They both shouldn´t have gone to middle east. Dorrit, first got in trouble when she try to leave Israel with her Icelandic passport, she got stuck and kept in the custom for at least 3 hours, if i remenber right. Small diplomatic incident. Jailing a first lady because she didn´t use her israeli passport how she should have. Was some kind of mistake. Carla, her, made also a mistake to go to middle east, when she decided to visit Petra, in Jordania with her boyfriend at this time Nicolas. Bad tast mistake. Indeed, Petra, had received the visit of the ex-wife of the French President when she was on the run with her lover. At this time the ex-first lady Cecilia, her husband were having some kind of mariage troubles. They separated for a while. Got back together just before he ran for president. Anyway... big mistake from Carla to have been to Petra, the news paper (the collaborationist ones), immediatly made the link between Cecilia and Carla. Same thing for the ring that Sarkozy gave to her...She was previously own by his ex-wife.

At this point of my post... if you feel that i am not fair to Carla... you are right. I am not.

Dorrit went to India with her husband the President of Iceland. Carla her didn´t. When her husband to be visited India last January, she didn´t go. She couldn´t. India doesn´t give status to the hook up /girlfriend of presidents. Meanwhile people were speculating if Carla would or not go for an unofficial visit to India, and especially meet her boyfriend, Nicolas at the Taj-Mahal. It didn´t happen. Carla called the press and announced officially that She will "not go to spend the afternoon in India"... Yes...she is that kind of personne who see a trip to India as a trip to a shopping mall. "no no... i am not going to the mall this afternoon"

Here is few picture from India.

Very Classy.

Here is the one of Sarkozy. Looking at it... i seriously think that Carla should have spend the afternoon over there. This picture look so bad.

Carla and Dorrit are both women of the world, cosmopolite. Dorrit has shown at numerous occasions that she could handle the presure of mondanities, such as the time she went to a royal wedding alone in Danemark. Absolutely astoning, glamourous and classy she represented Iceland as it should be.

Carla is also a woman of the some way...She has been all around to not say that the world has been all around her. Mike Jagger, Donald Trump, Eric Clapton, Louis Bertignac, Jean-Jacque Goldman, Florent Pagny, Christopher Thompson, Vincent Perez, Charles Berling, Kevin Kostner, Arno Karlsfled, Paul Enthoven (father), Raphael Enthoven (Son, She has a strong sense of family) Laurent Fabius (Left wing Politician) and the last one Nicolas Sarkozy (rigth wing politician, Carla has also a strong political sense)...So has you can see, she has been all around the World or the world has been all over her.

Dorrit and Carla have the same boots. See the following picture for proof.

Talking about boot, Carla is know to carry them very well. One pair this is only what she need to wear. She did a couple of hot picture on a coach.

Dorrit her is much more difficult. She has a small taste for flashy and feline like outfit. Unfortunately for us, Dorrit is not that easy to get undressed. I am sure that you would need much more than a pair of boots to get her naked on your coach. But still if you are a bit nasty and google her with the right word, you might found some interesting picture, such as this one.

Yes... you can see... a little piece of shoulder ....Hot isnt´it ?

Okey i know, this is not much. Nothing to fear. Nothing to trigger the hormons of a horny teenager. This is the only thing that i got when i google "Dorrit naked".

Meanwhile, if you google "Carla naked", you hit the jackpot and if you are a teenager well your hormons also hit the jackpot. Here a little of example of what you can find about her. (with red socks)

Both of the PRSW have a taste for design glasses...

If Dorrit was a Spice Girl, she will probably be the Sporty one (here is some proof), Mel C.
Dorrit doing some Icelandic Wrestling

Dorrit, water Skiing. She is very much into watersport.

If Carla was a Spice Girl, she will also be the Sporty one. Here is a picture of her, wrestling. kinda

Here, Carla ready to go horse back riding.

And carla is also into watersport
or ready to play tennis

Both if the president wives are good to deal with animals. Dorrit showed her strengh during her visit of the Fish Festival in Dalvík, in the North of Iceland.

Carla her, have to deal everyday with the French president. Carla has also a pussy "chatte", a femal cat in the strich sense of the definition... and she loves to show it

Dorrit is really appreciated by Icelanders. Carla was by french people, at least they were buying her album. I did. I have to confess this. It was a compulsive act. I liked her song. Now whenever i hear some of her song. I am having cutaneous reaction. You might think, reader that this is not possible, i am in Iceland, well just go to Kaffitar... and you will see. You could have the chance to hear her. Personally, i am trying to not take the risk. I have enough of cutaneous reaction due to my daily allergy. I have medication again my allergy. Not yet again Carla Bruni.

Anyway. This is time to conclude this comparative study.

If you have reach this point and read my lines, you might have seen that i have been unfair with Carla and you are right. But this is not my fault. I am just analyzing the facts. This is not my fault if Carla has a strong tendancy to be naked or misbehaving. Dorrit her is not naked on google, and does not misbehave. There is a lot of questionable point about Carla. Dorrit not so much. Dorrit, behave as a first lady should be. Carla just misbehave and i do so but i am no first least not yet :-) and if i was one... i would like to be Dorrit.

Carla and Nicolas leaving a plane

Ólafur and Dorrit leting a plane leave.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Petasse Factor

We have all a "pétasse" ( bimbo in english but the french word is more classy :-p) inside us. I have one.. my boyfriend have one.. my friends have one.. even "bug" men such as the French president have one. We all have a petasse inside us. That´s just a fact. From the granny humping on Cliff Richard to the kid dandling in front of teletubies. We are all pétasse. We all have a pétasse inside us. For example... lately my pétasse-self has been really triggered by Lorie "je vais vite" Don´t ask me why. This make me pétasse. Being a pétasse is not bad. There is no problem with it. This is just in the normal order of the things. That´s life. You can´t deny it. Your pétasse side is just a part of you. But what is pétasse?

The general definition applies to girl. It defines a girl who has totaly disconnected her attitude (look, gesture, way of talking) from the simple notions of efficiency, confort to let her behaviour being ruled by the most absurd diktat...Such as wearing high heels on the ice (very comon here in Iceland), wearing a mini skirt and a mimi top by minus 10 (frozen blue legs are so attractive). The so called "Gay Culture" is a form of pétasserie (This will be the object of another post. I am not going to terminate my fellow gay male beings today)

In addition , the petasse only lives for the others. Living mainly in the eyes of the others, the pétasse is a player and inconsciently think that she is under permanent focus and thus end up to ignore the rest of the world... and if she end up to meet this world... the pétasse becomes a bitch (or pétasse 2.0). Pétasse design a woman in french, but doesn´t have any sexist meanning. a pétasse can be also a man (see the link for a typology of the male pétasse, unfortunately in french only).

This would be the classical /clinical definition...I personally do believe (Tribute to Miss America 2007, another pétasse in the sky) that there is other side... There is people naturally born pétasse...What i would call the Genuine Pétasse and there is the others.. like you and me.... born more or less normal (the less is for me, everyday take me away from normality). Anyway, some of us are born pétasse the Genuine Pétasse (pétasse category 1) while some of us are Inside Pétasse (pétasse categorie 2). Hopefully i am in the second categorie, if i am in the first one... then i am very bad at it.

For the second category, being pétasse, is more like a sudden wave inside, a surge that can´t be really described.... a form outburst... eventually a shaking... a movement a need to show ourself.. this fashionable article that you shooped and that don´t really fit you....This unsocially acceptable behaviour that comes for no reason as for example when listening some kind of music as for example or this this look familliar.. it could be you on a lonely saturday afternoon.

Don´t deny we all do it.

There is in both categories (Genuine Pétasse and Inside Pétasse) several undercategories. For example there is in the first category the Pétasse 2.0 a.k.a the bitch who are generally coupled with the Pétasse Pro if this is the case you have a Pétasse 2.0 Pro (not that rare by the way... not that rare). Concerning the second category, you have a very special kind of Inside Pétasse. The pétasse in deny, commonly name the Bugged Pétasse. They are the worst because they are in deny of their actual pétasse-self. They are the one to stiff to exteriorise even in private their Pétassitude. This is borderline patholigique and we Inside Pétasse and Genuine Pétasse should do everything to help them. The first thing is to spot them.

One of their most comon trait is to be in compagny of extrem form of Pétasse such as the Pétasse 2.0 or a Pétasse Pro and or even worst the Pétasse 2.0 Pro. One example that come right in my mind will be the one of the actual French President Nicolas Sarkozy. (Side advice avoid to say "our", "your", "their" or "my" when you talk about him to people could first, think you have vote for him, second that you are insulting the french nation). Sarkozy, a Bugged Pétasse ? YES !!! He has all the attribute. The fashionable clothing and heavy shiny accesorries "the Bling Bling" and since last saturday he is officially married to a the Pétasse 2.0 Pro, ex-model/professional anorexic Carla Bruni ( I personally call her Carla Brownie...but this is kind of unfare for her. She probably never eaten one of those). To show that the Bugged Pétasse is crying for help, apparently, just before getting married, he try to contact his ex-wife and told her that if she was coming back, he will cancel everything with the Pétasse 2.0 Pro Carla Bruni special edition (this should be a new big category). He previsouly divorced Cecilia Sarkozy who was until last saturday a Pétasse 2.0 Pro but seems today only to be a Genuine Pétasse. (Just for the pleasure here, a picture of the happy couple before it get all ugly and when they were still "today´s familly"(divorced.. re-maried.. stepson, stepdaughter, stepmother, stepfather all living together etc...)before it all this ugly divorce. Notice that on the the fact she is not wearing heels and he is wearing some). Please Bernadette the total Anti-Pétasse 2.0 Pro, (Bernadette Chirac ex-first lady/"Lady I am an insult to fashion and an honor for potatoe bag") please come back and show them what it really take to be a first lady. Cecilia Sarkozy seems also to become a good Anti-Pétasse 2.0 Pro. Today I have to say that if I was meeting her, I will apologize to her, i totally misjudged her. Cecilia, if in your London/New York retreat you read this blog. I am sorry. You are just one of us.

What should you do to help this poor soul in his Pétassitude? Seriously i don´t know and the Pétasse 2.0 Pro is very hard to fight. So far i haven´t found any solution. Maybe someone should come with a plan... some kind of Pétasse Boot Camp. There is a lot to do there. Maybe in the case of the French President, our best cure is a Genuine Pétasse such as his ex-wife.

I have nothing more to say on the subject except : Pétasse Power !!!!!

Thursday, 31 January 2008

The marxist inside me

Apparently... i have a marxiste inside me...
i didn´t know about it.
Some people have an hero inside them.
Me i inherited of a commie.
God damned !
(should start to stop that kind of comment... no really "communish")
How did i found out about it?
At school, when receiving comment about the first article of my PhD.
I don t know what do to now.
I am trying to understand.
How did this happen?
Is it genetical?
Do i have spend too much time with marxist people?
What should i do?
Should i start to wear red clothes?
Learn the international communist song?
Create a Union... of PhD students in Geography?
Start to fight capitalism ?
Renounce to any sense of fashion ?
Give up Ikea furnitures for socialist ones?
I am a bit lost.
With all respect i have for those who are marxist...
I don t want to be one of them.
How do i get rid of it?
This is not like some kind of tumor that i could have removed or these fews kilos that i could lose if i was serious about going to the gym.
Maybe i should start an analyis?
I am a bit worried about it.
Just a bit... i could have been point out as a Sarkozyst because this will be a real problem.