Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Yet Another... broken thing

I am cursed... it might be link with some Karma stuff... i am unlucky...extremely unlucky...With me expect the unexpected...If something unexpected has to happen.. it has to happen to me...I am all time the one arriving at the wrong moment...winning the most improbable stuff...breaking the unbreakable stuff...there is all time something happening to me... something that shouldn´t... i could pretty much say that my whole life has been succesif unfortunate /fortunate incident...I am even starting to think that i am an accident...should defenitively make some research on my conception..anyway...i have millions of example of stuff that happened to me... Like a lost lamb appearing on the middle of the road, a broken chair that collapse when i am sitting on it on a meeting...splitting a glass of water on my face when teaching classes, all time end ing up with sand in my bed (ask Mister G about it) no reason why this is just following me, breaking a shoe laces when hurring and already late for a meeting.

I am unbielivable. Really. If Something "Funny" should happen.. it will happen to me...It has to happen to me...One of the most comon sentence of Mister G concerning me these little situation i am too often ending in, is " Why am i not surprise?". Yes there is no surprise that if you invite me to you place... i will break something or something clearly embarassing will happen to me...

I have learnt to deal with it. I have learnt to deal with shame and unexpectation. really i have to say i even get used to it. I mean when it´s happening to you everyday.. you know how to deal with it seriously. I am even starting to thing to make a buisness out of it. Open some kind of HotLine. SoS unexpected detress...something like this...People could call and get advice from professional about their unexpected event / shouldn´t broke situation... i could overcharged the call and get rich... and no more i am leaving on the credit card of monsieur my boyfriend... :-)

Here is a small example...that i categorize in the box...yet another broken thing...

I went skiing on Saturday. In Bláfjall, the skiing area close to Reykjavik. This was a lot of fun and the unexpected happened as usual. I was going skiing for the first time in 11 years... i what expecting a broken bone or two... i took pain killer as a preventive mesure...I broke something... but nothing that a pain killer could cover.

I broke... a ski shoe !!! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen A ski shoe. The stuff that u never break. I broke it in a very special way...It was like it just... desintegrated around my feet. it fell of in pieces. Just like this... yet once again .. around my feet...

When i put the ski shoe, nicely lended by the man sharing my bed / sandy sleeping area, i broke it. Yes i broke a ski shoe....No wait the ski shoe broke around my foot... when i have done a step with it...One step... and hop in pieces...what are the odd ? To break a ski shoe. Here is a picture of it.

Look at the piece ? it´s like a puzzle !!! i could keep busy a group of old german tourist for a day with it !!!

Here is me with the front piece of the shoe... I am still wandering how i did this...I have few theories like... an elf sew the shoe when i was asleep or i my feet are so fat that soon only flip flap will be available to them.

So one more thing to add to my list of broken stuff... a ski shoe. That was a first. Never done this before...

Wait...there is more .... Unexpected broken things never happend alone...It was not the only stuff that i broke this day.... i also broke a...

A ski stick... Yes... in the same day ... a ski shoe and a ski stick !! What are the odd ? Really ? I also stopped the lifting chairs while breaking the ski stick. An unexpected broken stuff never happened alone.... So.... results of the journey.... a ski shoe broken... a ski stick broken... and the humiliation to have shown that i was not able to go on the lift chairs... I would say on the Virgile scale we reach a 9 on 10... this is thus a pretty good day !!!

Sjáumst... i am gonna break something !!!


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