Thursday, 6 March 2008

Yet another group of naked men

This is the calendar you would die for !!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen.. After.. the French Rugbymen, French farmers, French firemen, (it´s me focusing or there is a lot of naked french men ?), Italian priest...Please open your eyes for the...

Naked Morticians
No no.. you are not dreaming... these men are American mortician... They are people who make dead look pretty and they decided to go full Monty too !!! why not... why they shouldn´t ? Mortician can also be hot.. don´t they ? Thus they decided to make a calendar where they show their very alive flesh all through the year.

Look at then proudly posing next to their last job. On the picture they are actually burring the year 2007.

I am wandering what is the point about mortician getting naked for the yearly cause ?
Here few more pictures !!!

Every month you have a picture of quite naked mortician and under it a small bio of the model dressed with a suit or the nicely helping out.. here serving come catering pastry introducing Mister February...

Now introducing Mister January.... doing some office work...

Mister December... on the edge of cooking for you...
Look as the far too suggestive carrots...

Here a small sample of the whole year...

And here some extra pictures...

Washing their cars...

Waiting for you

Fixing a wheel... for you... (focus on the tie...)

Aren´t they hot ? Don´t they have killing stomach ? Aren´t you turned on ? Don´t you wanna kill for them ? I mean they could be the mortician that´s taking care of the funeral of one of your relative. Grrrrrrrrrrr

I can understand mortician... i mean they are not on the hot job list... there is fantasies about hunky plumber coming to fix your pipes.... greasy car garage worker rubbing your mechanic... sweaty sportsmen stretching you, policemen checking your virtue or firemen turning off your burning loins, there is even sinful priest asking you to beg on your knees for forgiveness

Morticians are not on the list... no one dream secretly of a horny mortician tearing clothes off and touching you inappropriately. Nope... it never occurred to wait ... i am lying... it happened... when i was watching Six Feet Under... but it was more focus on Mikael C. Hall than on the job of mortician in itself...

I am myself not on the list.... i mean.. no one dreams of hunky geographer... exploring new world and mapping delicate parties....Here is an Idea.. i am gonna suggest the people working with me at school to make a calendar... Geographer men... naked...this teacher almost coloring a map, this other one handling globe genuinely hiding this parties... grrrrrrr We are gonna be so hot... i already see ourself sold out and woman crying to get the calendar... That gonna be a collector on eBay...I want to do this... i want to be on the hot list too. I want people have sexual fantasies about is a little possible scenario

"knock knock... who is it ?"
"it is the geographer"
"ohhhh no.. i am geographically misplaced and my spaces are a mess"
"don´t worry baby i am gonna work on your longitude and lattitudes"


I am still wandering about the point of such calendar... i mean do they have a vocation to help people grieving their lost loved one ? I really see the scene... the widow crying over the embalmed body of her passed away husband and thinking at the same of the hunky mortician that made him look so good, and how she would love to be in contact with the hard and muscled fleshed mortician. I think this might be this.. this is for the good cause.. reduce the grieving pain.. probably reduce also the medicine consumption during this grieving pain.

Let think about what can be the other consequences of such calendar... desperate people... old woman that unfortunately no one has touch for a long time...spinster... long term single depressed people...Seeing such calendar could give them bad ideas...They would die for.... Thinking about the idea of a muscled and hunky mortician taking care of their poor body after death.... This could raise the suicide rate among long term lonely ones.

To conclude...I invite you to go visit their website and have a look to their myspace and listen out loud the music on it...It´s raining men...they should have made a special new´s digging men... much more appropriate.

While you do this.... i am gonna make my calendar of hunky geographer exhibiting themselves with they wild globes...


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Hanne said...

I myself wonder why no porn movies start like that...hmmm let me see:

Setting...somewhere outdoorsy. A sexy blonde girl can't find her way, A hot geographer enters the scene.

Sexy blonde girl :"I seem to have gotten lost"
Hot geoqrapher : "Well no more, I will help you. I am a geographer" (takes his big (are they big) tools and maps out.
"We will soon have located your longitudes and latitudes".
Sexy blonde girl : "Oh you are so helpful and your...ehhh...maps!! Maybe there is something I can do to pay back the favour".
Hot geoqrapher : "Well that is sweet of know it does get lonely when I sit in my office colouring maps all day...(suggestive wink, girls smiles. Small pause, geographer straightens up)...but then you would just get in the way and distract me so I would draw outside the lines, no it can never be, a geographer is a ranger of the wilderness, a loner. We cannot let ourselves get distracted by sexy women like cops, firefighters, plumbers and pizza delivery men."

And he shows her the way and continues going the other way. Maybe it would be better if she had misplaced her clothes and he had to help her find them...

That would be so sexy, and then later, maybe one of the naugthy girls of geology with hiking boots and rock hammers could join in...
We need to find more sexiness in our jobs. AMEN