Tuesday, 29 September 2009

On the local monomaniac mob...


1. Pathological obsession with one idea or subject.

2. Intent concentration on or exaggerated enthusiasm for a single subject or idea

(the free dictionary)


In psychiatry, monomania (from Greek monos, one, and mania, mania) is a type of paranoia in which the patient has only one idea or type of ideas. Emotional monomania is that in which the patient is obsessed with only one emotion or several related to it; intellectual monomania is that which is related to only one kind of delirious idea or ideas. (Wikipedia)

Icelanders are monomaniacs. On a National scale and i am afraid that that there are no cures for it. I think this is one of the main way to describe them; along with the famous "it will fixe itself" stuff a.k.a "þetta reddast"

Been there...Heard that :-)

Sometimes Icelanders got /pick up somewhere a new idea... and they are going to use it to the bone...Let´s start with something as simple as food...Few years ago, when i arrived here in Iceland, the new trend was Mexican food...It became big...It became bad.. you could find everywhere Mexican food bathing in thick salsa sauce and suspiciously greenish guacamole..Every single restaurant in Reykjavík proposed their own version of the Salsa Guacamole burritos du chef...Til disgust.. I am personal not a great fan of Mexican food...and as healthy as can be (the Hubby all time makes comments on how healthy those roll up stuff), it does not appeal to me at all. I do not see myself coming from a long day of procrastinating and cooking a nice meal that does consist in flat bread and chopped veggies bathing in tomato/guacamole/sour-cream sauce...No thanks...

For many Icelanders, seeing on the menu of restaurants burritos...It was like being eating at home...for me it became the criteria to not eat there...Any restaurant with the slightest evocation burrito was immediately set my own terrorist list.

There is even some Mexican restaurants downtown that proudly write "Icelandic Specialties" with the picture of some fake Mexican guy...That went to far

Burritos were the main way of stuff here in Iceland until I would say last January. They oddly fell of Icelander´s favorite food at the same time as the government. you could see girls and boys gulping down huge burritos...I all time though about this as something very sexual but yet i have a dirty twisted mind that see sexual stuff in the most innocent actions...like eating a creamy burrito. If you are abroad and getting turned on by the thought of blond Icelandic women eating phallus shaped like food…you got it all wrong… They are not blond…they are bleached J

in October 2008, I saw a short report on the French TV on Iceland and its small financial problems. Nothing really noticeable about this report except that the journalist got to visit the general storages where all the food, including fruits and veggies arrive (rotten) to Iceland and is then dispatched (even more rotten to stores that will sell it at ridiculously high prices...just to make you feel really special.

While visiting the storages, the journalists obviously very concerned by the situation in Iceland and wondering if Icelander should expect shortage on food and thus experience the first famine in Europe in a very long time. The man showing them around drag them to some empty shelves and sadly declare with a very worried face that they already have a shortage of salsa sauce, guacamole....Hold your tears. I remember, the hubby almost choke to death...Anyway... this started to sound like the beginning of the very end of the Burritos Saga... Yes Icelanders did write sagas...and i do think they still do secretly (this will be subject to a future blog post.). This was how the Burritos sagas ended... its heroes forced to move to another mononia... “Indian food” therefore starting the tandoori saga

Saffran opened last winter. It was in itself a small revolution. Good food at a very affordable price and right next to my home J The main orientation of the restaurant is Indian with a healthy touch which that the curry does not drown itself in oil...

Suddenly Icelanders found a new monomania...from then everything has to be “Asian/Indian fusion-ish”…curry and tandoori started to replace red salsa and guacamole…Icelanders cut coriander faster than their shadow. Even the trendiest restaurants ended up to put on their menu their special tandoori chicken…Icelanders rediscovered their roots…it became national food.. after finding one root in Mexico (which they could easily claim… I mean Leifur Eriksson did discovered Americas and Mexico is part of Americas so…this is like home for Icelander) they found one in India…Everyone knows that Icelanders did actually discover….Anyway..

So the whole nation just found itself a new whim…and the merry go round just started... until disgust…

If it was only food…That would be fine…But it seems that Icelanders are monomaniacs for EVERYTHING and it goes as far as sports or politics…Once upon a time…They found a politician that they thought was good for the country and his promises of eternal money flowing tomorrow made them love him even more…Yes that´s right… I am talking about Davið “Dabbi” Oddsson, former Independent party´s leader (neo-liberal right wing) and best representative of “God choosen” people (I know Hanne I will put money in the “I am not suppose to say his name jar”). The man has been mayor of Reykjavik, Prime Minister and Director of the Central Bank of Iceland and last but not least Architect of the country financial failure. He also recently presented himself as Jesus on Golgotha while the villain leftist people were taking over the country. The man loves power as much as Gollum love the ring Grab a tissue and hide your money

I have to say that it seems that long time ago (before dementia became mainstream), the man has had what seemed to be some pretty good ideas that why people voted for him. Monomaniac people relected him (It take one to know one?) and voted for him again and again and he found himself in several key position for more than a decade…

Today the man became the Editor in chief of Iceland´s national news paper Morgunblaðið. Yet another key position to spread his claws… Even if He claims that he will be an independent editor and that he will treat the information with neutrality and fairness….jæjæ …We all know that the news paper will be an eternal tribute to “feu” 2007 independence party thinking. As my good Danish friend told me…This is amazing how Icelanders are keen on integrating psychiatric patient into society…

He is the best example of Icelander monomaniac behavior. They will use things and people until the end. They will perpetually look for the same thing without even question it. They will vote for the them people again and again… not because they like their idea but because of loyalty…The man on the voting list might have been recently condemned for stealing millions of public funds they will still vote for him. They will vote for the same party again and again without questioning it. This is what lead to the actual financial situation…

As for Dabbi, he is just the best example of this. Once upon a time, he seems like the best thing that ever happened to Iceland, as did salsa sauce and guacamole in their time, people will still follow him. In these Kreppa times people tends to look at the good old time and wish hope to go back there…to go back to daddy euh..Dabbi.

But there is hopes, Icelanders start to grow out of Dabbi and many people did not approve his nomination as editor in chief of Morgunblaðið..

The question is…what / who will be the new trend? What will Dabbi do? If I was him, to make sure that i was getting all the attention that I do deserve I would cover myself in tandoori sauce and roll myself into a burrito…That will attract people.

Icelanders seriously need to move on.

For myself… I Overdosed on Saffran and developed a long time ago an allergic reaction to Dabbi.

Monomaniacs are the angry mob of the day.


Friday, 28 August 2009

On getting gay married

Just got married. Well few days ago. I actually have hard time to realize that i actually did get married. I would have never thought that it would have been possible few years ago. I am now the proud husband of my husband..which still seems funny to my ears... i do own a hubby.

I have been overwhelmed by the reaction in Iceland. 2 guys getting married in a church is very hype in Iceland... not that much in other places around the world.

Some people have had weird reactions..."The angry mob of the day" Strangely the worst reaction came from my fellow gay camarades...How comes? They could have been happy for me, they could have been happy for the "political" symbols that represent a gay marriage, but no..Apparently i do live in the world of CareBear..Well that´s not that bad for me... i do love bear :-) i don´t understand it...Well i don´t want to understand it.. I mean i have other stuff to do... like a maried man stuff... no, not have an affair with the gardener well....we (you see how i use well "we"?) don´t have one... i do my own gardening ... it minimizes the risks:-)

Luckly for me, i did not get gay married for the political symbol. (i did it for the money that The Husband does not have yet :-)

The funny stuff is that when you get gay married... people do not expect you to pop up children within a year...they expect you to bake and to entertain...Fine by me..Though... it starts to look like that people are a bit coming to the zoo.. don´t know why...feel that at some point, people are going to throw us peanuts and ask for a trick..

Now that i am married, I kind of like playing the good husband... baking and cleaning... ok just baking.. The Husband is cleaning...We have a deal, a sort of prenup: I do the dirtying, The Husband does the cleaning...and everyone is happy...The Husband is not good at dirtying stuff...I take a lot of practice and cakes to completely ruin a kitchen. If you need help, just ask me.

That´s it for today. That´s it for this first post of this blog.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Gays Gone Bad

Ok... that   could the title of your latest favorite porn movie....Gay Gone Bad...unfortunately that´s not....far from it....this is more a turn off ...than a turn on...Tears are the only liquid thing you can expect from me right now.. and not happy tears...

I went out last night...Went to try the new gay bar of the town...i should not name it....Yeah ok Barbara. It was the first time i was going out for a very long time. In winter i usually stay in my cave  Yet, the last time  i went out i was somehow  starting to feel older , wiser or something in "-er", because everytime i went out party  in gay places or gay parties in Reykjavik, it felt akward...I went out last night and realized that was not me...the problem is Them...the Gays...my fellow cock suckers :-)

Many people think of Iceland as a hype place. The other day, i was watching this wonderfull american TV show named Top Design. One of the constestant wanted to make a chic and hype effect with flowers on a table...a chic and hype effect inspired  by Iceland. Well she was wrong. The judges did not like it. They  thought it was neither chic...neither hype 

After more 4 years here...I  am starting to realize that Iceland is not that chic and not that hype and gay places and parties are not an execption...Last time when i went to Páll Oscar ball... i felt more like in a barn party sponsored by whitney Huston remixes, than  a gay party...

Not to judge...This is not  nice to judge...you should never judge... this is bad....It think that gays in Iceland have a problem...and by extension gay places...There are other kind of music  than Eurovision hits and bad remixes of Gay "icons" such as Kylie Minogues and Madonna...When i was used to party in France, and especially in Paris that kind of music was mostly used for Kitch Parties.

There is another huge problem fag Hags....There is too much fag hags in Iceland.... the  rate fag hags in  France  i would say that the ratio is about  1 fag hag for 30 fags.... here  you have at least 3 fag hags per gays...even more.  worst...They are hiring them to work behind the bar...which i have to say. it, reduce the efficiency of the service and create a lot of useless noise !

After Barbara  me and my friend Þorsteinn decided to go to Qbar, the straigh friendly bar...Too straigth friendly i think....Here again, there is a problem Too many fag hags not enough fags...I don´t want to be sexist but i do hate it. I can´t stand over maked up Icelandic barely pubescent girls  walking around desperatly looking for gays to make  friend with....It usually do not happen..so then they get to more drunk and even less appreciable...I hate this

So here are my recomendations for  the gay nightlife in Iceland

Less fag hags more  fags

Please play Less eurotrash and gay icon remixes and make sure to drop the attitudes.... you are only in Iceland...


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

If you come to Iceland...Please make sure to bring your Alzheimer with you

If you ever come to Iceland please make sure to bring you alzheimer with you...Please make sure to have it with you...

Iceland´s independence Party...who have been rulling the country for just 18 years...apparently did not remember that they did get 30 millions from FL group...which is link to Baugur..you know the pig...not the one with lipstick...the one overpricing rotten vegetables...They also received 25 millions from Landsbankinn..One of Iceland finest nationalized bank...

It seems that both  those compagnies and the independence party seems to have forgotten to declare it...:-) Is there an epidemic of Alzheimer

Next time i go to restaurant...I will just leave without paying...I will blame it on my Alzheimer...Sorry...I did not know..what..what..Me...No....Impossible....! Claim it never happened... that you did not know... and most important...ask to have the food back

Icelanders have goldfish memories..they should write this  in guiding books about Iceland....


French in Reykjavik

Já Já (typical way of starting or ending a sentence / a speech or a life in Icelandic)...I am back on this blog...It has been a long time...and when i went on it today i got scarred.: almost naked morticians...first ladies on the loose, Carbs, Eurovision stars and questionable Presidents...What was going on in my head !

I have decided to be more "serious" and to start to blog again....

i have been the last couple of month working on another blog.. a daily city blog Http://reykjavikdailyphoto.blogspot.com/, thus i haven t had time to take care of this one...which i am gonna do now...