Thursday, 9 April 2009

Gays Gone Bad

Ok... that   could the title of your latest favorite porn movie....Gay Gone Bad...unfortunately that´s not....far from it....this is more a turn off ...than a turn on...Tears are the only liquid thing you can expect from me right now.. and not happy tears...

I went out last night...Went to try the new gay bar of the town...i should not name it....Yeah ok Barbara. It was the first time i was going out for a very long time. In winter i usually stay in my cave  Yet, the last time  i went out i was somehow  starting to feel older , wiser or something in "-er", because everytime i went out party  in gay places or gay parties in Reykjavik, it felt akward...I went out last night and realized that was not me...the problem is Them...the fellow cock suckers :-)

Many people think of Iceland as a hype place. The other day, i was watching this wonderfull american TV show named Top Design. One of the constestant wanted to make a chic and hype effect with flowers on a table...a chic and hype effect inspired  by Iceland. Well she was wrong. The judges did not like it. They  thought it was neither chic...neither hype 

After more 4 years here...I  am starting to realize that Iceland is not that chic and not that hype and gay places and parties are not an execption...Last time when i went to Páll Oscar ball... i felt more like in a barn party sponsored by whitney Huston remixes, than  a gay party...

Not to judge...This is not  nice to should never judge... this is bad....It think that gays in Iceland have a problem...and by extension gay places...There are other kind of music  than Eurovision hits and bad remixes of Gay "icons" such as Kylie Minogues and Madonna...When i was used to party in France, and especially in Paris that kind of music was mostly used for Kitch Parties.

There is another huge problem fag Hags....There is too much fag hags in Iceland.... the  rate fag hags in  France  i would say that the ratio is about  1 fag hag for 30 fags.... here  you have at least 3 fag hags per gays...even more.  worst...They are hiring them to work behind the bar...which i have to say. it, reduce the efficiency of the service and create a lot of useless noise !

After Barbara  me and my friend Þorsteinn decided to go to Qbar, the straigh friendly bar...Too straigth friendly i think....Here again, there is a problem Too many fag hags not enough fags...I don´t want to be sexist but i do hate it. I can´t stand over maked up Icelandic barely pubescent girls  walking around desperatly looking for gays to make  friend with....It usually do not then they get to more drunk and even less appreciable...I hate this

So here are my recomendations for  the gay nightlife in Iceland

Less fag hags more  fags

Please play Less eurotrash and gay icon remixes and make sure to drop the attitudes.... you are only in Iceland...


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Yessica said...

I am speaking as one of the over-represented fag hags in Iceland. Yes, it is lonely to have to compete with the other fag hags and be left fag-less. My life has no meaning. I say we import more fags to balance this fag hag-to-fag ratio! Fag hags demand equality, dammit!

Excuse me while I march down to Althingi now with my pot and pan...