Friday, 29 February 2008

Yet another angry Add-on

I have to make a small post about my previous. People have been point out that i am being nasty and mean toward Friðrik Ómar and Nicolas Sarkozy. This is true and the people pointing this out are right. I acknowledged the fact, that the previous post might be hrash. This is also true.

What you have to have in mind when you read it, is that i am trying to make fun of the situation. It´s satyric, it´s a bad joke. The ones knowing me in really life know how bad are my joke. They also know that i am grumpy person version pro 2.0. Take this post a joke and something that i could make fun off. My intention is not to be offensive. If it seems like this. I apologize. My intention were to be bitter/funny/grumpy. The same things applies for several post on this blog.

Concerning Friðrik i personally do think this is sad for him to put so much hope in Eurovision. He is becoming a typical Eurovision product. I also think that he is also starting to be too gay. Then this is my point of view on this specific point. Friðrik if you read this don´t become like the others...Outside of this i acknowledge the fact that he is a good singer and performer and i wish him and Regina all my best for Eurovision. Believe me i will the first one inf Front of my TV on the 24th of May.

Concerning Nicolas Sarkozy, well i wish i had nice stuff to say about him, but i really can´t find anything.