Sunday, 24 February 2008

Yet Another Comparative Study

If you read this you are gonna think that i am a very grumpy man. I am a grumpy man.

I acknowledge it. This is not my fault. This just happens. If you ever know me in the real life, you probably know it. If you don´t me...well... you have to believe me... i am not all time grumpy, i am neither all time that bitter nor spending my time spreading venin all around me, all over the world.

I have once again found material to make a comparative study. Again one comparison between Iceland and France. I am not being bitter or grumpy. This is just ... happening... jumping in front of my eyes. There is actually a lot of material between France and Iceland.

I have just found a lot of similarities between Nicolas Sarkozy, actual French President, unfortunately and Friðrik Ómar official competitor for Iceland in the Eurovision Contest 2008, see first common point...They are both unfortunate !!!

This is Friðrik Ómar:
and this is Nicolas Sarkozy

Let´s make a quick resumé of their activities and see what link them to each other.

They are both very small... a short person some people would say...they are funny sized :-) as you can see with this picture of Sarkozy...

Thus, they both wear shoes with heals...

They have both been elected in a democratic way for their function. Nicolas by the good people of France, Friðrik Ómar by the good people of Iceland but in 6 months no one will acknowledge anymore in Society that they have voted for do French people for Nicolas.

They are both accompanied by questionable singer. Friðrik has his fag hag Regina Ósk ( i personally call her Regina Óst but that will be mean to the dairy industry) , Nicolas has his new wife Carla Bruni (Carla Brownie see previous post).

They are both gonna be horrific in Europe. Friðrik, by representing Iceland. Sarkozy because France is becoming boss of Europe for 6 months from June 1st.

They are both arrogant. See for Friðrik the interview he gave to Kastljós after he won and look at Sarkozy in his everyday life.

Being close to a microphone make them look like frightening

They have a great talent to play the victim... Sarkozy in his everyday life as persecuted, humiliated, soiled. Fríðik as the gay victim.

They both really like men Friðrik more than Sarkozy, i have to say.

Letting them be close to a microphone, make our ears bleed instantly.

They both love to wear big fancy glasses.

Anyway... i am finding more and more link between France and Iceland. Unfortunately i would say.. unfortunately for Iceland :-)

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