Saturday, 5 May 2007

Desperatly Seeking Free Hug !

! Desperatly Seeking Free Hug !

"I don't mind where you come from; As long as you come to me"

"All the same" the Sick Puppies

Close to personal social depression.

Bad week... at work.... at the world....just generally bad week ....

Busy week for my carebear

We are saturday evening.. and tomorow there is the French election...the French presidential election. I ve hope and i am scared... scared that we could happen tomorow... and for the next 5 years...I am astonished to see what is happening... to see what people are willing to swallow... i am deseperatly astonised.... Anyway... i am probably officially entering in resistance tomorow evening.... the darwf will not be my president....

Where is my carebear

All that i ve read heard, seen the last weeks about France, french people (myself by extension) and the world... during the french presidential election make me sick. Simply sick. How did we get there. How did we end up to be so individualist? something went wrong terribly wrong...The France that i am seeing today is not the France of my youth. Am i an endangered species ? or Were i too blind to see the truth ? That make me sick.

The world is awfull ? Can someone bring my carebear ?

i need a hug. Not from Gunni. i ve plenty of those. Thank for this. I need a hug from a stranger. From someone who will come to me. hug me and leave.... just leave.... and let me there... feeling that there is still hope... that there is still hope in this world.... in the human being.... That we are not this individualist piece a flesh that i see. i need a free hug. and i want to give free hug. i want to give free hug to people to tell them. Don´t worry. We are there. U are not alone. Even if i don t know u i am there.. and we are plenty out there like u desperatly seeking for a free hug. A hug without interests exept the one to make u feel that u are not alone.

I need my carebear

Tomorow France has to make a society choice. Do french people want an agresive, individualist society, or do we an other thing. Do French people want to work together or against each other. What do we want to do.

I need my carebear

I am ashamed to see what people are willing to swallow from politician. I am surprised to see how they are willing to sit on the brench that we are sitting on.

Why in a time where everyone seems to look for masochism i want the opposite? Altermasochist?

I need a hug. And soon u will need one. And we will be there.

I am gonna need a lot of free hug in the future. We are gonna need a lot of free hug. Especially if u live in France.

I need my carebear.

! Desperatly Seeking for a Free Hug !

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Philosofia said...


Dude, you are one strange homme - mais interessant. I don't feel bad about writing in French, since my spelling en Francais is probabiblement meux que le tien en Englais, mais c'est pas important.
But Iceland. Bien etrange pour un homme Francais, sauf il semble que tu a trouver un ami. Have you lived there a whole year yet?

Oh, and hugs from bears are good. In fact, I think I'm going to take a nap with mine right now.

Bonne chance.

Yes, too much of the world just sucks and there's precious little any of us ordinary individuals can do about it. I kind of agree with Faust, "Why, this is hell, nor are we out of it." Hell in a beautiful setting.