Friday, 17 August 2007

My Muddy Side

The summer is ending and in fews days we will move back to the south, to Reykjavík, to home.

It has been an amazing summer, and i ve to say that the Icelandic country side experience has been very good. I ve discovered a side of Iceland, that i didn´t know and i love it. I had 3 main fears

First I ve to say that i was a bit scared to live 1 hours away to the next "Very Good Coffee To Go" establisment was frightening but i made it. Still not that addicted ! You are probably thinking ... well very good coffee can be made at home... but for me this very good coffee is more than just a coffee.... this very good coffee is possibility, opportunity and space. (mundus est geographicus)

Second, i can say it today that i was a bit scarred to leave the city to go to live in the country. (that sounds like a good plot for a TV show.....!). I guess i ve still some rest of France, but for me ... being Gay and living in te country side.... was like being Hemophilic and being into needles play....Not Good. I even thought my first day that they,the others, the locals were going to welcome us with fork and torch...Didn´t Happen... Not Yet !!!!

Third, Myself. I think i was my biggest fear. I ve to say... that being raised as a countryside boy in France, then moved to the "great" city of Reims when i was 15, to finally end up when i was 22 in Reykjavík, Iceland..... i was scared of mysefl when i started to think about going back to the countryside...One second i though it was a regression... "Back to the Mud" But that is not right to say that this is a regression. i guess i am more mature now... and less superficial (Where is my F(word) coffee??). I was scared to no be able to make it and to find out that i had lost something that i am secretly cheering deep inside me..... My muddy side... My muddyself

Yes Lady and Gentleman ... I ve a muddy side... and i am proud of it. I like it wet and dirty....

I ve to say that i relate this muddy side to my childhood in the "bucolic" French countryside and all those hours that i ve spend to play outside.. alone.. and being just muddy and happy...

But today i am not alone... but i am happy and because he loves me .... he let me be muddy and i ve to say that i will not have been muddy anywhere without him, and i just want to say thank you to him to have drag me to the north of Iceland, and to have shown me that i was able to survive there....
Ólafsfjörður is a very nice place to live... Unfortunately due to the non-presence of a "Very Good Coffee To Go" place....I can´t finish this sentence.....I guess i just miss Reykjavík, my office at the university, the city center, going to the gym, seeing my friends.....
Next Friday i will move back from the Countryside to the city and i feel like a porphet about the Icelandic Country Side : Oyé Oyé Urban People....The countryside is there and the countryside is good !!!!

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