Sunday, 30 May 2010

Yes i am a Malcontent / Terror starts at home

Germany won Eurovision..WTF/LOL? I personally thought it was boring and felt i was watching some kind of living room drunky singerstar session. I like more shinny things.

Here is a video of this year's Eurovision winner for those who dared to ignore this fabulous/tacky event.

I had a small party. Expect a full IceGlamish report on Eurovision with Apricot boobies, Justin Bieber look-a-like and catwomans....

On a more annoying matter

I am apparently not getting the current Besta Flokkurinn "jokes". I guess i must do some kind of "nafla skoðum" [umbilical review] as the local nicelanders would say.

They are now the biggest party in Reykjavík and their leader, most likely to be the Mayor of Reykjavík. I have blogged about him yesterday [link]

Love the fact that people keep telling me that i am not getting "THE JOKE"

I just think that nicelanders somehow voted and now party like it's 2007* all over again.

This is just my own opinion. This is funny because when people started to protest in 2008 i pointed out that it lacked ideology, a political message and a clear political & ideological leadership. People just wanted to clean up the then sitting National Assembly. Which was entirely justified at this time and eventually happened, but within the parties nothing has changed at all.

We are in 2010 and i think i was so RIGHT on this. Now this Best - Fucking - Flokkur (Best fucking friends?) is the best example of this and the other "classical" parties probably just realized it now and are going to come out of their coma. New political ideologies and methods on their way? Apparently our Social-democrat Prime Minister got the message. Other political party leaders not yet.

The biggest problems that B -F- F are going to face is that they manage to get elected without being political. Now they are going to have to start be political because decisions will have to be made and they will have to deal with opposition, both from other political parties and the general population. I actually think that this is nice to see that new people are taking over the political arena. Fresh blood for the crowd / Fresh blood for the monster. My issue is that, they still haven't REALLY told us what are they really going to do.

I think political candidates for every single party have been just high for a very long time. Each of them with their very own special drug (Where can i get some ?). I think voters may as well been high (Where can i get some ?). Everyone is probably heading to rehab right now (which is a very hype place to be and will be the subject of a future post. Maybe a live blogging session as i might eventually have some anger management issues to solve)

This all "mess" makes me think about a great scene from the excelent Six Feet Under TV series.

Terror starts at home / Revolution starts at home.

As long as the voters in Niceland will have not started to personally reconsider themselves they will not be able to move foward, neither their politicians. People get the gouvernment they deserve. We will see what happens in Reykjavík now and the during next four years. Good luck to them. Good luck to us.

In any case, when i went pick up my car today i walked accross the following graffiti/tag/territorial marking

I hope this is not some kind of premonitory sign :-)

On a even more extremely annoying matter, just to be clear and respond to those who say that I am all time malcontent; I would quote Natalie Dee:

*2007 WAS the THE year of reference in the Icelandic historical time. 2007 is the year were everything was fabulous, money was flooding in the gutter, the Króna was the beZt currency ever in the whole fucking Univers, and people were just HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY)


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